It's Pirate Time! - FM60 Celine Is Here

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It's Pirate Time! - FM60 Celine Is Here

Postby Tuesday.N.Turner » Tue Apr 05, 2016 12:10 pm

I already posted this over on DOA but I thought I'd share my excitement here as well~ :heart:

I'm so excited guys! I got home yesterday from university for my weeks break and after the 7 hour car trip I finally got to open my gorgeous Celine!

I opened her yesterday night, pretty late as well. So I didn't have time to post her box opening, but here it is! Please excuse the poorly lit photos, it was dark outside and I need to change the light globe in my room, it looks too yellow now.

A few of her things all ready to go!

First up, her beautiful box! I was really hoping to get red because it fitted the spunky character have planned for my girl and lo-and-behold! Ta Da~ It was red! ^_^

Eep! There she is! So exciting! The PukiFee event head looks really cute too~

Straight out of the box and she's really beautiful! Her seamlines are so-so and her sanding was pretty terrible but I don't mind. Her head has a case of the wobbles of course but again none of that bothers me at all. She has unusual coloured default eyes as well, they're a grey-green colour with little flecks of brown. She'll be wearing them until her ones arrive and until I buy her some Oscar eyes.

Now onto the fun part! Clothes~ :D Which to my absolute joy do indeed fit! The top part is a little loose but I don't really want to take it in and risk ruining a very expensive DollHeart outfit :doh: I'll be thinking of another solution. Her hat was also a little big so a few layers of tissues later and she's good to go!

Meet Valarie Archer Danger, also called Valour by her friends. She's a girl with a passion for sailing, pirates and lolita clothing. So she combined them and wears Pirate-Lolita styled outfits :cute:

At this point I got a little trigger happy with the camera XD

...And then messed around a little in photoshop XD This is one of Valarie's common phrases.

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Re: It's Pirate Time! - FM60 Celine Is Here

Postby Quiet and Insane » Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:19 pm

She's adorable! I love all those different hands too. :D
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Re: It's Pirate Time! - FM60 Celine Is Here

Postby Kavarr » Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:49 am

She is lovely. That tan is gorgeous :)

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Re: It's Pirate Time! - FM60 Celine Is Here

Postby Legend » Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:06 am

She is very beautiful! I love her outfit! ❤️

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